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Bring The Comforts Of Home With You On Your Next Outback Adventure...


...With An Award Winning Slide On Camper From Wedgetail Campers




With an award winning slide on camper from Wedgetail Campers, you can explore this amazing country in comfort and style.

Are you looking for an easier way to see the Australian Outback? Do you still want to get “out there” but you’re not keen on roughing it any more?

"There is lots of zing and I’d say the other halves will love it. Wedgetail has made such good use of the available space and you’d be going hard to find fault in this nice quality unit."


— Stuart Jones,
Camper Trailer Australia Magazine


Well, you can still take on the roughest outback tracks. Wedgetail Campers are strong, tough enough to handle even the roughest tracks.


And the best part? At the end of a long day, you have all the comforts of home… lots of space, full-sized bed, internal shower and toilet, hot water. Even a gas heater! Of course, these features depend on the options you choose.

A Quick Look At Our 3 Models

Model W is the most affordable option for those of you with your own gear. It still has the legendary quality build and famed Wedgetail after-sales service. However we've left off a few of those "luxuries" that some of you can live without.

Model WT is packed with features, for those of you looking for a little more luxury. Model WT really does offer incredible value for money.

Model WTC is our top of the range Wedgetail Camper. It has all the little luxuries and is an ideal option for the long-term traveller.

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Inside/outside living, the choice is yours. Enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living, knowing you can retreat to the indoors when the weather turns bad.



It’s the ideal mix of rugged outback camping and the luxuries of glamping.


Quick setup, quick pack-down and a clever design make this camper the ideal companion for your next outback adventure.


As we say, Australia’s a beautiful country – let’s get out and see it!

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"Wedgetail’s slide-on camper has soared to success based on a reputation for quality construction."


— Time To Roam Magazine

Wedgetail Slide On Camper

Wedgetail Slide On Camper, an instant campsite!