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steps 3-5

This is the most overlooked aspect by slide on camper buyers 

Step 1 and 2 have given us an understanding on what we need to have (and what would be nice to have) and also how heavy it is all going to be. Now we can start looking at what will best offer and carry that list.

Step 3 – Make a vehicle short list.

You might already have a vehicle that may be suitable for a slide on, or perhaps when you bought it you didn’t intend to throw a camper on the back. Or you may be in the market to trade in or start fresh, no matter the scenario this step still needs consideration.

In a way, choosing a vehicle needs to have Steps 1 and 2 thrown back onto the mix. A lot of the vehicles out there can be made suitable for the task of carrying a slide on camper – but some stand clear above the rest.


Here are the most common vehicles that our customers have chosen.

  1. Mazda BT50 freestyle Pre-September 2020 – offering a great payload in cab chassis format and the added benefit of the cabin space. Coupled with a 300kg suspension upgrade, this is a capable machine. Our prediction is the newer model will not be as appealing as it no longer has the extra seat

  2. Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab – everybody loves a Landcruiser, right? It is this reason there are so many aftermarket upgrades available to make this Ute so appealing. Not to mention almost every mechanic in the country knows how to fix them.

  3. Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Dab with Chassis Extension – for the same reasons above, but with the extra seating space it’s a win-win.

  4. Ford Ranger Space Cab – for the same reasons as the Mazda listed above, they are almost the same vehicle, but the Mazda variant is slightly lighter.


Some other noteworthy mentions.

  1. Mercedes 300 – Massive payload in an off-road ready truck.

  2. Iveco Daily 4X4 – Available in single and dual cab, huge payload and built to do the hard work.

  3. Isuzu NPS

No matter which vehicle or camper you choose; we will always recommend a GVM upgrade. For the simple matter of the factory suspension is not set up for constant load carrying, let alone doing it off road as well.

Here are some useful links to help make the choice:

Lovells Suspension GVM upgrade guide

Pedders GVM kits

Old Man Emu GVM kits

Tough Dog Suspension


Another important factor to consider is weight distribution, now this is a difficult one to calculate as there are so many variables. Generally speaking, closer to the middle of the front and rear axles is better for sharing mass, as we move closer to the back, we shift the mass to favour the rear axle. Nobody can really tell you what to do here. Just keep these facts in mind for later on.

Information overload starting to make this look to hard again? – that’s completely understandable, that’s why we’re here,
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Step 4 – Make a camper short list.

This is most definitely not a decision making step, it’s more a process of keeping your sanity.

When Wedgetail Campers started there were no more than a hand full of manufactures, now there are over 40 and counting.

The best thing you can do is get out your list of needs and wants again. A lot of this list will be already built into most of the campers out there. We went to the effort of making a printer friendly chart for you to fill in for you to compare for yourself.

Here is an example:

Just be wary – we often find some manufactures will compare equally in a chart like this example, that is why Step 5 is so important.

Camper feature list example.jpg

Step 5 – Visit.

You knew this one was coming.

Get a feel for what it is that the camper/s of choice offer, as we said before, many campers will compare similarly based on a feature inclusion specification sheet. 

The only advice we can give on this subject is take your time while visiting, take it in, chances are you travelled a fair distance to see the camper. Ask questions about how things operate and what is included, don’t assume if it is not obvious, as with most of the Aussie made units there is much more than meets the eye.

Done all that, now what?

Well, if you made it this far, now is the time to get your order in! As we are in unprecedented times at the moment, build queues are longer than ever. 

If a Wedgetail camper happens to be the camper of choice, that's great! In fact, if you have completed these steps at the time of ordering a camper, Show us and ask for our $1500 5 steps discount (Why? because you doing this shows us that you are on the ball, can make decisions and will save us both hours of back and forth communications).

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