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Wedgetail Campers. A tough off road camper with all the cmforts of home.

Our Unique "100% GVM Guarantee"

We'll work closely with you, to ensure your new Wedgetail Camper is within the weight limits of your vehicle.

Your 100% GVM Guarantee? You're completely satisfied or 100% of your deposit back.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wedgetail Campers


Do you make one for a dual cab ute?


Yes, we do!


Our latest model is designed to fit snugly on the back of any standard dual cab ute. Contact us here for more details on our superb new dual cab model. Oh, and check out this video for a quick once-over of our new model...


I really want a standard Wedgetail Camper on a dual cab ute. Is it possible?

Sure. Several of our customers have made their dual cab ute suit the camper by extending the chassis... one customer even has a 6x6 conversion. Then you get to keep your beloved ute and have room for a Wedgetail on the back!

Or you could just go with the Wedgetail dual cab option...


I live a long way from Newcastle. Where can I see a Wedgetail Camper?


Can I tow a boat or trailer behind it?

Yes!! This is a big benefit of Wedgetail slide on campers.


What car do I need for a Wedgetail slide on?

As long as you have a tray that is 1,850mm wide and 2,100mm long, we can fit the Wedgetail Camper. But please check on your GVM and total load length capabilities.


Do I need a GVM upgrade?

Short answer is no. However a GVM upgrade will make the car drive better and allow you to carry extra load. Remember, if you’re going off-grid with a Wedgetail you will appreciate the extra fuel and water you can carry. We always recommend having this done on light vehicles.

We also provide a "100% GVM Guarantee". We work with you to ensure you'll be within your maximum legal weight.


What’s a “Slide In Camper”?

Slide in camper, ute camper, ute back camper, tray on camper, tray back camper, lift off camper, jack off camper… they’re all just different names for slide on campers.

"We've had our wedgetail camper for over 3 years now. We love the quality and design of the camper and also the minimal lifestyle it gives us for holidaying. Compact, simple, comfortable and a minimum of fuss."

- Brenda & Greg, happy owners of #84


Do you have different models?

Yes, we have a dual cab version (see above) and a model to suit single and extra cab utes.


We start with the Basic Fit-Out, then you add options to suit your needs and budget. So you can customise your Wedgetail Camper to suit your needs.

For a complete list of available options, go here.


Do you make a camper trailer?

Yes. Your camper pod can be fitted onto a custom Wedgetail Campers trailer. Go here for more details on our trailers.


I already have a car fridge. Can I fit it to my Wedgetail Camper?

You are welcome to fit your own equipment e.g. fridge and BBQ.


How much do they cost?

It depends on the options you choose to add. Contact us for more details. Note: We have a weekly repayment deal exclusively available for our customers, starting at $165 per week (Subject to CreditOne T&Cs and approval).


I want to go off-grid. Is this camper capable?

Yes! With 90lt fresh water tank, hot water system, on board LPG, efficient fridge/freezer, solar panel, large capacity lithium battery, dual charging methods (dc to dc and 240volt) this camper does not need to be near town… unless you do! Go here for detailed specs.


I want to go off road. Will a Wedgetail Camper stand up to off road conditions?

Yes, they are built tough to withstand the toughest conditions. Many of our customers have taken their campers to extremely remote places on the worst roads imaginable. With a 12 Year Structural Warranty, the Wedgetail is ready to go... are you?


We’re thinking of travelling full-time. Can we live in it permanently?

Yes, several of our customers are doing this right now. They love the outdoor-living feel of the camper. They can be inside, yet still feel like they are outside in the elements.

If you'd like to speak to them, contact us and we'll put you in touch.


Does a Wedgetail Camper have a heater?

Yes, you can choose a gas heater to keep you toasty on even the coldest nights.


Do I need to set up the whole camper to have a roadside meal?

No. With our outside kitchen, you will go from driver's seat to hot BBQ and cold beverage in under 2 minutes.


Do I have to crawl/climb into bed?

No. We have steps up to the bed… no ladders!  And you can sit up in bed without bumping your head.


I have another question. How do I get in touch?

Go to our Contact Us page for our contact details. We welcome any questions from you!