Frequently Asked Questions About Wedgetail Campers


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Do you make a Slide on camper for a dual cab ute?

Yes, we do!


The Hawk, a more simplistic back-to-nature, lift off canopy style camper. Contact us here for more information on either model.


I really want a full size Wedgetail Camper on a dual cab ute. Is it possible?

Sure. Several of our customers have made their dual cab ute suit the camper by extending the chassis... several customers even have done a 6x6 conversion. Then you get to keep your beloved ute and have room for a Wedgetail on the back!

Or you could just go with the Hawk dual cab option...


Can I tow a boat or trailer behind it?

Yes!! This is a big benefit of Wedgetail slide on campers.


What car do I need for a Wedgetail slide on?

This is really determined by you. However, we'll work with you to build the perfect vehicle/camper setup to suit your needs. For example, the serious offroader will need more payload than the highway tourer.


This is why we offer a unique "100% GVM Guarantee". Contact us for more details.


Do I need a GVM upgrade?

Short answer is no. However a GVM upgrade will make the car drive better and allow you to carry extra load. Remember, if you’re going off-grid with a Wedgetail you will appreciate the extra fuel and water you can carry. We always recommend having this done on light vehicles.

We also provide a "100% GVM Guarantee". We work with you to ensure you'll be within your maximum legal weight. Contact us for more details.


What’s a “Slide In Camper”?

Slide in camper, ute camper, ute back camper, tray on camper, tray back camper, lift off camper, jack off camper… they’re all just different names for slide on campers.

Basically they can vary from a box with a bed in it, right up to a studio apartment. They're all readily removable from the back of a vehicle and in most cases, require a flat bed tray.


Do you make a camper trailer?

Yes. Your Ute back camper pod can be fitted onto a custom Wedgetail Campers trailer. Go here for more details on our trailers.

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I already have a car fridge. Can I fit it to my Wedgetail Camper?

You are welcome to fit your own equipment e.g. fridge and BBQ.


How much do they cost?

It depends on the options you choose to add. Contact us for more details. Note: We have a weekly repayment deal exclusively available for our customers.

I want to go off-grid. Are these campers capable?

Yes! Our Ute back Campers are made for it, of course each individual's requirements for 'being off grid' are different from the next. That is why we help you build your vehicle/camper combo from the ground up.


I'm a serious off-roader. Will a Wedgetail Camper stand up to off road conditions?

Yes, they are built tough to withstand the toughest conditions. Many of our customers have taken their campers to extremely remote places on the worst roads imaginable. With a 12 Year Structural Warranty, the Wedgetail is ready to go... are you?


We’re thinking of travelling full-time. Can we live in it permanently?

Yes, several of our customers are doing this right now. They love the outdoor-living feel of the camper. They can be inside, yet still feel like they are outside in the elements.

If you'd like to speak to them, contact us and we'll put you in touch.


Does a Wedgetail Camper have a shower?

Yes, The Wedgetail 22 has facilities for a full inside ensuite. No more wet muddy feet in bed.


What is the set up time?

We refer to each task separately... from drivers seat to fridge, BBQ, shower, toilet, etc is all 30 seconds.

To do a full set up in the Wedgetail 22 you are looking at 8 minutes to open - 10 minutes to close. We do it in 5 minutes! See our set up video here.


For the Hawk, setting up everything is less than a minute.


Do I have to crawl/climb into bed?

No. We have steps up to the bed in the Wedgetail 22… no ladders!  And you can sit up in bed without bumping your head.


And the Hawk? It depends on how you set it up.


I have another question. How do I get in touch?

Go to our Contact Us page for our contact details. We welcome any questions from you!