Soar to your dreams

5 steps you must take before choosing a slide on camper - We believe it’s vital to follow these steps, failing to do so could lead to driving a dangerous, and potentially illegal vehicle.

So you have discovered the existence of the wonderful slide on camper. But quickly you run into the overwhelming amount of research and factors to consider such as GVM, tare weight and payload.


We see most people spend months, if not years planning, and the others will just give up on their dream to travel Australia without the hinderance of a caravan or camp trailer.


Who has time for months of research? Surely someone has all of the answers, right? Think Again!  


There are so many variables, that only you can decide what is the right touring set up for you, however with our tried and tested procedure there is no need to delay your dreams any longer, whether it is the beach, the bush, or the outback!

Step 1 – Establish your needs.

This is not just about the camper, its about the destinations you will go (different terrains), the time you spend away (food and water capacity) and the vehicle that will get you there.

We have developed a checklist questionnaire for you to download here - it will help get you thinking and put your needs and wants in a clearer snapshot format. This will get you moving forward a lot faster and into your slide on camper.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, it is about your dreams but also being sensible in knowing the difference between wanting something just because it looks great or needing something to aid in functionality and safety.


As a little bonus, click here for an article written by a 26 year army veteran and survival expert. Time in the same room with Scott can cost $250 per hour for his outback and 4wd training.

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Step 2 – Lets do some math.

Yep, get out the pen and paper! Let’s start to add up the mass of all the items you need (don’t forget to include yourself and any passengers in this) - Don’t just do this once, build a few different hypothetical options. Why? Because different brand bull bars have different weights.

Just remember, leave home at home – you do not need to take your hardwood chopping block and full set of pots and pans, every kilo counts here.

Of course, this will take some time gathering the information on everything in your ‘needs list’ for some items it is safe to just have an educated guess.

Using a vehicle mass check list like this one, makes this step a breeze.

Just one example of how every kilogram counts is Tires. This Tire comparison site shows the mass each size and brand side by side. 

Ready for step 3?