In the Bush, simplicity is king!


Simple, Functional, Modular and Lightweight. The Hawk is our canopy-styled slide on camper, giving complete flexibility back to the 4x4'er and outback camper.

With a 30 second setup time, spend more time enjoying your outback adventure... not struggling with tent poles.

Looking for something bigger?


The Hawk is completely customisable to suit your needs, your Ute and your budget.

Using separate module combinations, it comes in 6 different sizes. It's totally up to you. Fit it out as a weekender or set it up for longer trips. And during the week, it doubles as a work canopy.

This strong yet lightweight lift-off canopy is built from 2.5mm Australian Aluminium and fully welded... all finished in a premium-quality Kevlar paint.

And like the Wedgetail 22, this is a premium-quality unit... proudly manufactured Australia and built to last.


This compact ute Camper will fit snugly on the tray of your ute. Here's a few dimensions for you.

Camper Dimensions

  • Lengths offered are 1.65m, 1.8m, 2m and 2.2 metres

  • Width 1.8 metres

  • Height 1.04 metres, or 1.2 metres with additional undercarriage storage  (above tray)

CTOTY 2021 - HAWK.jpg


Camper Weight


Dry weight for the basic 1.8m camper fit-out is 185Kg. This is possibly the lightest slide on camper ever built!


Detailed Specifications


The Hawk is offered in a basic package, or quoted to your desires. This way, you can set up your Ute back camper exactly the way you want it to be. Fill in the form below and we'll shoot you through the specs.



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