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Wedgetail Campers. A tough off road camper with all the cmforts of home.

Our Unique "100% GVM Guarantee"

We'll work closely with you, to ensure your new Wedgetail Camper is within the weight limits of your vehicle.

Your 100% GVM Guarantee? You're completely satisfied or 100% of your deposit back.


A True Offroad Camper Should be Comfortable Too!

We combine the style of a side fold and tailgate camper,

to give a massive inside living space



Note: Features described below vary depending on what Customised Options you choose. Go here for a detailed list.

There’s “offroad” campers, then there’s true offroad campers… the ones built to tackle those outback roads year after year.


Wedgetail Campers are the go-to camper for those who still love exploring even the roughest parts of Australia, yet want some creature comforts.


They are a premium quality slide on camper, manufactured in Australia and built from strong yet lightweight materials.


We test them on some of the worst roads in Australia. They’re also continuously tweaked to ensure any minor issues are designed out before they leave the factory.


And Wedgetail’s famed after-sales service means we continually get feedback from the likes of you… people travelling and wandering through the back blocks of Australia.


When you buy a Wedgetail Camper, you can go on any track. You’re only limited by how far you’re brave enough to take it!


Let’s have a look at what you get when you buy a Wedgetail Camper. Or if you have a question and it just can't wait, Contact Us here!


Wedgetail Quality


You’re looking for a high quality and durable offroad camper. All Wedgetail Campers are made here in Australia, so you’ll get the best slide on camper for your needs. 


Built in Australia


  • Every Wedgetail Camper is built in Australia, designed for and tested in Australian conditions.

  • Australian made premium quality canvas, designed and made in Australia.

  • Each camper has a strong skeleton of aluminium box section beams. A combination of welded, bonded and riveted sections, means the body is immensely strong yet lightweight.

  • The interior is pressurised by filtered air, ensuring your camper is dust sealed on even the dustiest tracks.

“Three years of research led us to select the Wedgetail as our escape machine of choice. Big factors that influenced our decision were:

  • Quality,

  • Australian made,

  • Roomy,

  • Inclusions, and

  • Wedgetail’s legendary before, during and after sales service.


We’ve had our Wedgetail for 3 years now, and don’t regret anything about our decision to buy it.”


David & Deborah, happy owners of #99


12 Year Structural Warranty and Famed After-Sales Support


  • Your camper is backed by our 12 year structural warranty (conditions apply).

  • We want you to get out and see Australia… not be worried about poor after-sales support. Our after-sales support is industry-leading. We’re proud of our campers and are happy to help whenever you need it.



Big… Yet Small


A Wedgetail Camper is one of the biggest campers when open, yet one of the smallest when closed.


We’ve heard all the comments…

  • “house on wheels”,

  • “mobile beach house”, and

  • “it comes with its own view”.


No doubt you’ll hear a few of these when you set it up. Onlookers are stunned when such a large camper appears out of such a small box!


You have the best of both worlds:


  • It has a small profile when closed - 1.22 metres high, 1.8 metres wide, 2.2 metres tray length and 300 millimetre overhang at the back.

  • So it’s easy to drive and park. You can park anywhere your vehicle would normally fit. No need to go looking for those elusive caravan parking bays!

  • Perfect for exploring overgrown, rough and narrow tracks. With your camper tucked in behind the cab, you can go anywhere your cab will fit.

  • You’re free to tow a boat or your “toy” trailer.

  • When it’s open you have space, lots of space!


Wedgetail Innovations


What makes the Wedgetail Camper unique?


Your “Inside/Outside” Advantage


This is the only camper on the market to give you our unique inside/outside advantage:


  • Access the kitchen from inside or outside, including the cupboards and fridge. You choose, depending on the weather.

  • What about a quick roadside stop for a cuppa? Well, you can access everything you need with the camper closed… kitchen, cupboards, fridge, water, gas burner. So you can have the billy boiling in no time. No need to carry a portable burner.

  • You can pack your grocery shopping away with the camper closed. Simply open the outside access doors and pack it away!

  • Want to go for a swim or get a change of clothes, but the camper is packed down? No problem. Access clothes storage from inside or outside.

  • Want somewhere safe to store your expensive camera or drone? Then use the special lockable cupboard and access your gear from inside or outside.

  • You can even shower under the stars, or use the toilet from inside or outside… although we don’t recommend the outside option in a busy campground!



So Easy to Set Up, and Pack Down


Your Wedgetail Camper is super-easy to set up - about 8 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to close. The failsafe opening and closing mechanism is simple yet strong. No need to worry about troublesome electrical failures in the middle of nowhere.


With the camper open, take the stairs, complete with handrail (no ladders) up into the living area. You can stand up straight, no crouching or bumping heads on cupboards!


And you’ll notice you have double the space compared to most slide-on campers. What do we mean by this?


Well the bed folds out over the kitchen, leaving you with a large living area… and providing an awning for the kitchen. Unlike many slide on campers, the bed is completely separate from the living area.


Do you need to make up the bed? Nope.


Simply step up to the bed using a drop-down step (no ladders). Undo the built-in dustproof/waterproof cover, fold it back and your bed is ready to sleep in!


It’s a queen-sized bed with a cosy inner spring mattress (optional), for a good night’s sleep under the stars.

"We are delighted! After searching for two years for a camper that would suit our needs, we discovered Wedgetail Campers.

Now we're finally using our camper and couldn't be happier.

To anyone who's considering a Wedgetail - just do it, you won't regret it."


Tony and Diane, happy owners of #141


Indoor Living


What happens when the weather turns bad? Can you live inside? Yes, easily and comfortably.


  • Seven large windows let in plenty of light and fresh air. And you have 360 degree panoramic views. So you still feel like you’re outside.

  • A table and two comfortable chairs give you somewhere to sit inside.

  • Large bench space, an inside gas stove, sink with hot and cold water and access to all kitchen cupboards and the fridge mean you can stay inside if the weather is bad.

  • You can even have a shower inside… a luxury you’ll appreciate after a dusty day’s driving.

  • And when the weather turns cold, crank up the gas heater to keep warm and cosy.


So you’re secure enough to feel safe, yet the panoramic views make you feel like you’re out in the elements.


Off-Grid or On-Grid


A removable 200W solar panel sits on the roof when you’re travelling and then doubles as a portable panel when you’re camped. This keeps the on-board battery topped up and you can stay off the grid indefinitely (240W available as an option).

A 90 litre water tank supplies a Truma hot water system. This runs on gas when you’re off-grid. A low-volume water pump means you have enough water without wasting it… critical for remote travel.


Then when you get to a town and decide to stay at a powered site, you can connect an external 240 volt supply. This tops up your on-board battery and runs everything in your camper. Even better, the Truma hot water system also runs on 240 volts. So you can use external power for your hot water.


Likewise with water. Connect a hose to an external supply and use mains pressure in your camper.




There’ll be times when you’ll want to take the Wedgetail Camper off your vehicle. Can you still use it off the vehicle?


Well yes!


Simply fit the legs (electric legs optional), unbolt the camper from your vehicle, wind the legs so your camper is clear of the tray and drive your vehicle out from under it.


The Wedgetail Camper is stable and wind-resistant when free-standing. Owners have reported being caught in wind storms of over 100km/h with no issues.


One of the handiest features is the ability to fit or remove the camper from your vehicle while it’s set up. So if you decide to stay longer you can leave the camper set up while you explore in your vehicle… without having to pack the camper down.


And if you’re planning an early start next morning, fit the camper back onto your vehicle the night before without having to pack it down.

For more details on our award-winning Wedgetail Camper, check out the detailed specifications here.


Still have questions? Contact Us about your next offroad camper. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions and help in any way we can.