Wedgetail 22

The only true all weather camper.
Unique inside and outside access.

CTOTY 2020 Wedgetail camper award



This Slide on camper is the ultimate in functionality, capability and comfort.

It's the obvious choice if you're looking for a compact slide on and luxury camper in one quality package. You can easily live in a Wedgetail 22 full-time on the road. In fact, quite a few happy owners are doing exactly that.

Take the virtual tour of the Wedgetail 22 below.

Wedgetail spacious interior

Here, Darren shows you why the Wedgetail 22 is the ultimate slide on camper. It has everything you need for camping, and then some!

Key features

  • Queen sized bed, foam or innerspring.

  • Inside and outside access, including fridge and cooking.

  • Larger internal volume than any other Slide on Camper.

  • High ceilings and walkways.

  • Stairway access.

  • 2 Burner cooktop with grill.

  • 100AH AGM battery with DC to DC charger.

  • LED tri-colour dimmable lighting (White and Antibug mode)

  • Huge windows giving 360 degree views and ventilation.

  • Plenty of water storage and hot water system.

  • Pressurised cabin to keep the bull dust out.

  • Plus heaps more!!

  • Ask us about our full electric camper - no more LPG!

In addition you get

  • 12 year structural warranty.

  • Free routine maintenance for 12 years.

  • Upgradability - we only introduce new things that can be retro-fitted to an older camper.

  • Peace of mind that you're in the last camper you'll ever need.

  • A camper capable of taking on any track in Australia.

Camper Dimensions

  • Length on tray - 2.2 metres 

  • Overall length - 2.5 metres closed, 3.4 metres open

  • Width 1.79 metres closed, 3.5 metres open

  • Height 1.22 metres closed, 2.9 metres open

01 camwater1.jpg


Camper Weight


Dry weight for the basic camper fitout is currently 410kg (we are working on decreasing this with every camper built).


Detailed Specifications



Over the years, we’ve realised that everyone’s needs are slightly different. That's why we start with the basic fit-out, then let you decide on how you'd like to customise your Wedgetail Camper.

Get in touch and we'll help you with a personalised Camper build.

Start planning your next outback adventure now, in your very own Wedgetail Camper!

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