Wedgetail 22

Our original self-titled grand touring Slide on camper. Twice awarded the Camper of the Year, this is camping at its best.



This Slide on camper is the ultimate in versatility and comfort.

It's the obvious choice if you're looking for a compact slide on and luxury camper in one quality package. You can easily live in a Wedgetail 22 full-time on the road. In fact, quite a few happy owners are doing exactly that.

Here, Darren shows you why the Wedgetail 22 is the ultimate slide on camper. It has everything you need for camping, and then some!

Start with the basic fit-out, then add the features you need from our list of Customised Options.

Why do we offer a basic fit-out?


Well, you might already have your own gear (fridge, burner and so on) and want to reuse it. Or you might want to customise to your own requirements.


Simply add the options you need, to design your very own dream camper!

Looking for something smaller?

So, what are the vital statistics?

Camper Dimensions Closed

  • Length on tray - 2.2 metres

  • Overall length - 2.5 metres (Note: the gas strut protrudes forward an additional 50mm)

  • Width 1.79 metres

  • Height 1.22 metres (above tray)

Camper Dimensions Open


  • Overall length – 3.4 metres

  • Width – 3.66 metres

  • Height – 2.9 metres (above tray)


Camper Weight


Dry weight for the basic camper fitout is currently 410kg (we are working on decreasing this with every camper built). As the specification level increases, so does the dry weight.

And have you heard about our "100% GVM Guarantee"?

Wedgetail Campers. A tough off road camper with all the cmforts of home.

Our Unique "100% GVM Guarantee"

We'll work closely with you, to ensure your new Wedgetail Camper is within the weight limits of your vehicle.

Your 100% GVM Guarantee? You're completely satisfied or 100% of your deposit back.

We combine the style of a side-fold and tailgate camper,

to give a massive inside living space.

"Owning a Wedgetail allows me to get away to more remote locations to go birdwatching.

There's nothing better than waking up to hear the dawn chorus of birdsong and then watch the sun rise from a comfortable bed (with a view!)"

— Lynne, happy owner of #103


Detailed Specifications



Over the years, we’ve realised that everyone’s needs are slightly different. That's why we start with the basic fit-out, then let you decide on how you'd like to customise your Wedgetail Camper.

Get in touch and we'll help you with a personalised Camper build.

Start planning your next outback adventure now, in your very own Wedgetail Camper!

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

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